Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Ricky Jay - Amazing Card Trick/Manipulation

Never play cards with a guy that can do card tricks.


Michael Dooley said...

Ricky was at a design conference I attended, and his finish was embedding playing cards into a watermelon from across the stage. Afterward, New Yorker cartoon editor Bob Mankoff was telling me that that trick was actually easy and got up and tried it himself. And failed.

The joke was on Bob, who hadn't used Ricky's razor deck.

fred c said...

I read somewhere long ago about Ricky and throwing cards. The story went that he was laid up at the house with some ailment and to pass the time he was practicing throwing cards into a hat across the room. Before long he was throwing them accurately and with great force. It was reported that he could throw playing cards over his house, like landing in the back yard. There are lots of guys that can do amazing card tricks; Ricky seems to be one of the very good ones.