Monday, November 2, 2015

Further Adventures In Thai Hotel Cable TV

I taught a class at a remote campus over the weekend, more remote than usual.  It was in such a sleepy little town, so far out in the rice field, that everything in town literally closes down by about five p.m.  After that there is little traffic to worry about, and if you want something to eat your choices are limited to a few street food vendors and whatever you can find at the one or two 7-11's in town.

The hotel itself seems out of place in this town.  I've stayed there a few times by now.  It's a very modern, nicely designed "economy boutique hotel," with fifty or sixty rooms.  The building is long and low, three stories, and the grounds are very nice, and very quiet.  Like the rest of the town!  The rooms are spacious and comfortable, with nice Samsung LED TV's and beautiful, modern bathrooms.  There's plenty of hot water not only in the shower, but in the sink too, which is rare.  A very adequate breakfast is included in the $30.00 price of the room.  Great coffee; free wi-fi.

The Cable TV only had two stations in English, Channel News Asia (a Singapore cable news outlet), and the English only variant of the Deutsche Welle.  Two evenings of watching these channels was a potent reminder that Singapore and Europe and very, very dull places.

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