Thursday, October 15, 2015

Phil Ochs Cops of the world (lyrics)

Everything old is new again!

This is what we called a "protest song."  Listening to the Republican debates I could detect the same kind of willingness to kill and destroy at the drop of a hat, and the same degree of contempt for the people of the target countries, but without the sarcasm.

I remember it well from the old days, the song and the emotions.  The old, "it'll be easy, let's go in and fuck 'em up!"  Vietnam (100,000 troops wasn't enough, 250,000 will do it!  No?  500,000!  and ten years, and still we lost), Iraq (they'll welcome us as liberators!  Six months, tops! and the country hardly exists anymore, and we're not getting the oil money).  Hopefully, this new crop of imperialists won't get a chance to fully implement their hare-brained schemes.

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