Saturday, January 3, 2015

Cool Vehicle Alert: Honda CBR150

This is the hot set-up in Thailand.  A CBR150. 150 cc's is the cut-off for a big bike over here.  It's a single cylinder with four valves and double overhead cams.  Not quite a rocket, but it goes.

These 150's have been around for many years, and they have traditionally sold for a little over 100,000 Baht (a bit over $3,000).  There was a Honda sales set-up at my local mall last month and they had this model as well as a new 300 cc model.  The 300 cc was stickered at 120,000 Baht (four grand) and the CBR150's were going for about 90,000 Baht, about $300 less than the former price.

I'm sure that the 300 cc bikes are nice, but the 150's are enough for local conditions.  It's not like California, where you can really go nuts on great roads and predictable traffic.  No, it pays to ride very conservatively in Thailand.

Nice bikes!

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