Sunday, January 26, 2014

Tim Gunn's Fashion Crimes

Tim Gunn was on the Jimmy Fallon show last week, I saw the rerun last night.  I watch award shows, I have seen the guy around for years, I like him.  He's a likeable guy, after all.  I can be hard on men's fashion, I have to warn you, I frequently shout at the TV, "where did he get that tie!"  Or, "couldn't he have borrowed a suit the right size?"  Or maybe just, "what was he thinking?"  I don't remember ever finding fault with Mr. Gunn's presentation previously, but on the Fallon show he wore an outfit that I wouldn't wear to a rock fight.

(Pardon me, I just tried to add a couple of pictures but I was informed by Apple and or Firefox that I can only add "images or videos."  The pictures were images, of course.)

I checked the Google images of Tim Gunn and my memory of him was essentially correct.  He has most often been seen in very dignified suits, well cut and put together, with mostly appropriate shirts and ties.  Very nice on the cut of the shirts, no strange splayed collars, and very nice knots on the ties.  I say mostly, there are a few pictures of Tim wearing his usual fine suits with loud, striped or checked shirts, even one with a checked shirt and a striped tie.  I didn't think that was allowed.  Maybe I'm behind the times.

No maybe now it is all the fashion rage to wear suits with weird, plaidlike patterns, in purplish colors, with strange, wing-like lapels that almost reach one's shoulders, like the suit Tim wore on the Fallon show.  Not only that, but wear them with loud, checked shirts AND A CHECKED TIE TOO.  I feel like Bones on that Star Trek episode where he materializes on an unfamiliar planet, flags down a passer by and shouts at the poor man, "what  planet is this?"

DISCLOSURE: I love the Fashion Police.  Forgive me if I have become too fond of making fun of what other people wear. 

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