Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Thailand's Got Talent S.2 14/14 ปอนด์ ดวงใจ 17 Jun 2012

Give her a minute to get rolling, it's a minute/thirty before her shirt comes off.

This has turned into quite the little scandal over here.  The woman judge walked out, because it's all so shocking when this stuff happens in public.  Many people were/are highly indignant about the whole thing.  Plus, the word is that the show paid the painter woman 10,000 Baht to appear and do this act ($300).  So even other contestants are a little bit gripped about that.  Seems like a bargain though, for the show, and good P.R. for the woman, this thing has been all over the media, and every media, for a couple of weeks now. 

"In public . . ."  That's the key.  Just don't let on that these things happen, don't let the word get out.  If it all stays on the down low, then pretty much anything is okay, and happens.

Disclaimer:  It is true that most Thai women by far, the overwhelming portion, are very, very modest and would never consider doing anything like this in their craziest imaginings.  Wouldn't consider doing any of the other wild things that go on either.   Wouldn't even consider wearing a bathing suit that didn't have a high collar, long sleeves, and covering down to the knee as well.  A bunch of proper ladies they are, by and large, and you'd better hurry up and knew that if you ever find yourself here.

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