Monday, June 11, 2012

La Bamba - Ritchie Valens [cc]

I'm posting this partly because it's a great song.  Partly.  Mostly I'm posting this because it's interesting that comments for this video were disabled because the column filled up with hate-speech.  That's a problem.

It is a great song, isn't it?  And an unusual hit, being sung in Spanish, a little like "Sukiaki," or "The Israelites," something out of left field, not the usual AM radio fare for the time, and I can tell you.  An American boy though, born in Pacoima, up in the valley by North Hollywood.  He died a few months shy of his eighteenth birthday, after a couple of hits.  So why all the hating?  This now popular anti-immigrant thing, no doubt, misdirected at an American boy, as so often happens.

This song still has worldwide appeal, witness the hit count.  Last year at one of our team-building seminars I was asked to sing it on Karaoke night.  No one had a clue what it all meant, but it was a request and everybody had fun.  Like I say, interesting. 

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