Friday, February 10, 2012

Temple Fish Feeding

Everywhere you go in Thailand there's a river handy, and many cities have temples located at riverside, and some of these temples feature fish feeding. You can buy bags of bread or fish food, and as you can see the fish are lined up and ready to eat. This is one of the fish temples, a nice one that is in either Chainat, Suphan Buri, or maybe Uthai Thani. We traveled around a lot that day, I'm not sure.

Those are some big cat fish, and they make an interesting flood story too. During the floods last year, the canal near my house was full, full, full. It never overflowed, but there was a lot of water flowing through, water that came down through rivers from the north. While the canal was high I noticed that guys were fishing, quite a few guys, and they were catching some big-ass fish. At the temple, my friend told me that during the flood the catfish disappeared, and I said oh! I know where they went! The flood had carried them down to Bangkok and my canal.

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