Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Liberal Christian

Rick Santorum is really a wildy entertaining dude. Today's hit is, "there's no such thing as a Liberal christian."

Added to, "in the Protestant Reformation all of those new religions left Christianity behind," and the "Satan" stuff, and lots of others that I don't care to keep in short term memory, this fellow is building a reputation as an extremist, if one is to be kind, and an unmitigated idiot, if one is disposed to be truthful.

There's no arguing with someone like this. It's like arguing with a child about the location of Chicago, or about the physical properties of steam.

So this guy is standing in mud, with all of these monstrous things hatching out at his feet, and the question is: when do they all start jumping up and biting him in the ass?

To be clear, none of my oxen are gored in the "Liberal christian" quote. Although I am intellectually close to the former, and culturally close to the latter, I am not emotionally attached to either.

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