Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fellon Replaces Leno

Stop the presses! My standard of living just went up!

It's Saturday night, and my trans-channeling through the wasteland that is my overpriced cable TV took me to CNBC and, surprise! Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (or "Jimmy Fellon," as the station spot calls him). And the spot shows one show after another, starting at eight p.m. and running until one a.m.

This would replace the previous scheduling, Jay Leno shows, starting at ten p.m. The way Jay has been going, one brief laugh every other show, this could be a big improvement.

So far I will say that Jimmy has a great, great band.


fred c said...

Okay, funny stuff is happening. The Something-Gordon-Levitt guy from "Third Rock From The Sun" and Jimmy Fallon are dueling Karaoke style, Gordon etc as Axel Rose and Jimmy as David Bowie. The Levitt kid is killing and the whole thing is funny. Okay, funny stuff. And the band . . . the drummer is amazing, visually and musically.

fred c said...

Note: the on screen TV guide for tonight lists "Jimmy Follon."