Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ja Turbo คันหู -จ๊ะ ver.ล่าสุด[HD]@Neverland 3ส.ค.54 ภาพชัด

The original posting of this video has over three million hits; this thing as become a big deal in Thailand. Turbo herself is very forthright about the whole thing. She's just trying to make a living, after all.

She was on some local talk show recently, that was a big deal too. The host, named "Woody" of all things, was described in the article that I read as a self-appointed guardian of high-society's morals in particular and Thai culture in general. He was very rough with our pretty friend, asked really pointed questions along the line of, like, how could you do such a horrible thing? It's become quite a cause celeb. Most people just want Khun Woody to get over it. Some people got busy pointing out the moral failings of high-society, that will keep them really, really busy!

The poor girl was very polite and answered the rude questions very honestly. It's a tough business, she said, I'm not very pretty (!!!!) and I don't sing that well, I need a gimmick.

I do understand how the poor girl can be so modest about her looks. Thailand is so crowded with beautiful women that it's easy for any of them to feel a bit ordinary.


Anonymous said...

For gods sake, the place is called "Bang-cock"!

I suspect from the poor young lady's gestures and gyrations that she has a painful UTI or STD .

fred c said...

It's worth mentioning that most Thai women by far are very modest, almost all of them really. Even most of the pop singers. This kind of thing is limited to a small corner of the entertainment world. But the times, they are a'changin,' here too.

Anonymous said...

So they've seen Madonna and Lady Gaga. Sex sells, what else is new?

Anonymous said...

Thai people call their city Gruntep not Bangkok which I suspect was some invaders joke.

fred c said...

I think "Bangkok" was the name of a very local commercial pier that some Farang long ago just happened to stop at. It was the Farang that called the place Bangkok. For Thais, it was always, as you say, Krungtep, which is the short version. The long version goes on for three lines or more, only a very few Thais can say the whole thing. Basically, it means "City of the Angels."

I think that it's very telling that Thais don't care at all if Farang, or the rest of the world, call their capitol city Bangkok. Traffic signs that say "Krungtep" in Thai have "Bangkok" in the English translation. It's very mature of them not to care, not like those insecure Chinese who get hysterical when you say "Peking" instead of "Beijing."