Thursday, September 15, 2011

Little Junior's Blue Flames-Feelin' Good Sun Records

Another "Little . . ."

To my knowledge, John Lee Hooker never sued Little Junior and the Blue Flames for stealing this song. People without money don't get sued, not generally anyway. No, it's much, much better to sue people with money, like Z.Z.Top.

J.L.Hooker sued Z.Z.Top for stealing the boogie and he won too. I'll never forgive him for it myself, he's beyond caring now but I'm still worked up about it. I'll bet a real musicologist could trace that song way back through lots of iterations before John Lee got hold of it, and nobody sued him about it either. No money in it.

And what the hell, all music is theft anyway, 98% of it. For every Coltrane there are thousands of also-rans, stealing from each other. Even the great Duke Ellington said, "they steal some, I steal some. It's cool."

But how about that Little Junior! More famous for "Mystery Train," but I like this cut too.

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