Monday, February 28, 2011

Blogs v. Notebooks

What's the difference between a blog and notebooks that you fill up and then keep in a box somewhere?

Not too bloody much, but at least some people read the blog, and that's a start. (And I guess it's easier to find than a box in someone's closet, and harder to lose.)


Anonymous said...

True, but it's more exciting and interesting (Voyeristic?)to read things that werent meant to be read by others.
You and all bloggers self-censor to a certain degree. Gotta keep that public personna nice and shiny, right?

fred c said...

On this blog I self-censor a lot. I try to keep it light and airy for the most part, and I want to avoid any trouble at all, or bad feelings.

It would be much more interesting, and culturally valuable, if I wrote honestly about the trials and terrors of getting older, but that's another blog.

I think it was Mark Twain that said that all memoirs are dishonest, because, beyond the things we hide out of embarrassment or whatever, there are things that we have kept even from ourselves.

Anonymous said...

99.9% of all life stories are dull, boring and predictable. No one will care or think about your live or mine 100 years from now. Or sooner.

Jatuphat Lin said...

I feel like you have to deal with censoring a lot Ajan Fred.

For me, your blog is a channel to practice my English. Keep on Ajan!!