Monday, January 17, 2011

Mitsubishi Galant Astra In Chiang Mai

This has to be a rare bird. It looks to me like a grey-market luxury variant of the Galant series. Those mirrors way out on the fenders are a dead giveaway that the car was originally destined for the Japanese market.

The whole thing was a nice presentation. High style all around, including the interior. Ever seen one?


Thrasher said...

Yes plenty in California

fred c said...

My American "home" is in L.A. Plenty of eccentric cars in L.A., that's for sure. The inspections make it hard, though, California emissions requirements are tough. Not a problem here in Thailand. Over here, if you own it and you've paid the fees, you drive it! On the farm, they build their own trucks around any old motor they can find.