Thursday, November 18, 2010

Come to Mubadala!

On my CNN Asia I am daily subjected to advertising that wants me to relocate my business in Mubadala. Where and what is Mubadala, I wondered.

It seems that Mubadala is the Mubadala Development Something-Or-Other, a state owned company in Abu Dabbi. If I can't spell Abu Dabbi properly, it's because I don't care at all about Abu Dabbi. And I have no desire to even visit a place where I could probably be arrested for eating a ham sandwich. I have even less desire, statistically approaching zero actually, to have sex for only "five chundred dollars" with Russian prostitutes who are little more than slaves.

The advertisements on Asian cable TV are truly annoying. They are mostly for luxury goods and services or investment advice. I am not in those markets, and the fact that the prevalent business model these days is to cater to the super-rich is the most truly annoying thing of all.

Mubadala, and the Twenty-First Century in general, are annoying.


Anonymous said...

Fontella Bass? You seen the youtube stuff of the RECENT Howard Tate concert footage? Great stuff. Mubadala? Ha! Go to Nairobi!

fred c said...

Howard Tate? THAT Howard Tate? He was the best kept secret in late Sixties Soul Music, and by 1970 he'd become the ultimate secret of the universe! This I've got to see.