Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ubon Hotel Ratchatani

This was more like it, the "Latanee" hotel, as my taxi driver said. 770 Baht, including a nice breakfast from the menu, which is better than the buffets, which may have been out for a while.

Nice evening food fair right across the street too, so dinner was fun, cheap and delicious.


Anonymous said...

Hey Fred, cat got your tongue? A little narration on these videos wouldn't hurt.

fred c said...

See, now I thought so too, but I'm pretty sure that James Earl Jones is dead, and Sean Connery was unavailable.

Anonymous said...

Narration please. Get a small tripode and sit in front of it. I want to hear about St. Patrick's adventures!

Been considering getting a flip myself. Roomie over here has photography skills, was thinking I could film and he could get stills as we trek.