Sunday, July 26, 2009

RIP Vernon Forrest

The successful boxer Vernon Forrest was shot dead yesterday.

He was a good boxer, and from all accounts a very nice man, a brotherhood, give back to the community kind of guy. He should be remembered fondly.

There's a post below reviewing one of his fights. (Word search available.)

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Anonymous said...

Terrible. The guy got away but came back for more. Adrenaline? Fear+adrenaline? My first thought was it was a junky but that's just a form of a cop out. Could have been someone buffing up their street rep. You always told us just give them the money. The one time I been mugged in LA the guy took like eight bucks, I told him I needed one for the bus and that was that, have a nice day. The best part of my story is that I had two dime bags of chocolate thai (we thought) and I think $40 dollars, in my socks. Same day met up with friends, got stoned out of our gords and I ended up giving my socks to a guy at the promenade holding a sign that said, "Need socks". I had to laugh after all this, the socks still had the money in them.

Hamilton Antics