Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Warm Welcome In Thailand

My university has had a good look at me by now, and I am very pleased to report that they seem well pleased with my contribution to the general health of the institution.

We had our Faculty of Law "Team Building" trip to a resort recently, and the Dean made a point of saying nice things about me in his speech, including the hope that I would be at next year's party. When I was having trouble getting my VISA renewed, the school sent someone to tell me that I was assigned to teach on the resort island of Phuket for two weeks in October, which would be after my current contract elapsed. I thought that was a good sign. Now, different faculty members are calling me to ask for my help with various things, some of which even represent extra income. My best buddy on the faculty went out of his way recently to tell me that he hoped that I would stay for many years, I thought that was a nice demonstration.

I do enjoy the teaching, and I am happy to help anyone who asks for assistance with English, which happens to be a difficult language. I had never thought so before, but I've been teaching it now for a few years and I can tell you that it is fantastic good luck to have learned it from your mother and your friends. Trying to catch up with it later on is a total bitch.

It is perhaps strange to consider, but this is as comfortable as I have been at any job that I've had in my entire long, long life, and I have had over fifty jobs in my life.


Anonymous said...

The Phuket Island is the one that is periodically wiped out by tsumamis... So Fred, they may be trying to get rid of you! Just say "Phukit!"

fred c said...

Not to worry, I'll be on the leeward side, and I'm not a beach person!

Anonymous said...

It is really good to see you feeling good about work: A-most jobs, as I think you well know, are not much fun at all; B-these days there are many without work, so it is good to be working at all (not to mention "A", above) and C-It is good to see you happy at work. Not having to participate in this endeavor is the one huge benefit of having poor health in America.

Anonymous said...

I hope you can stay and continue to enjoy

fred c said...

Thanks for the kind words, anonymouses.