Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Glenn Beck Update

The video that I flogged yesterday has been pulled for some reason, "use violations" or something.

Too bad. It was really entertaining, in a horrible kind of way.

Glenn never makes any sense, and he often gives cause to suspect his sanity, but this video was special. He made lots of faces and funny voices, did characters, all through his favorite filter of righteous indignation.

His point: it's America! anybody can get rich! we all want to get rich! don't punish the rich!

"They want to make America a cross between France and Venezuela, (cut to fag voice) 'which is really beautiful this time of year.'"

"They" are: President Obama, the Democrats, Liberals, 'weak Republicans,' Progressives, intellectuals, homosexuals, anybody with an education, anybody who Glenn Beck does not understand, you and me.

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