Thursday, June 4, 2009

You’d Love My Cleaning Lady

So many Farang come over here and fall into Total-True-Love inappropriately. It’s easy to understand.

A man in Europe or America, a man, let’s say, of a certain age, and prosperous, sees a young, unsophisticated, poor, uneducated, woman who is nevertheless beautiful and thinks, wow, she’s hot, and moves on. In Europe or America, he is not interested because he knows that she is an inappropriate love object. He has no desire to listen to her click her gum and talk about silly things, and he might be embarrassed to be seen with her.

The same men, many of them, transported to Thailand, encounter women similarly situated and proceed with full-blinders on as though the woman were a great catch. Even worse, the Thai woman may be in the “entertainment” trade, which in Europe or America would be another red flag. But the Thai woman seems so sweet, and polite, and she only talks about her family, that many Farang men discard all caution and fall in love.

The resulting unions become horror stories on a regular basis. Sometimes the man is the exploiter, using the woman and perhaps even officially marrying her and having children before simply going home, never to be heard from again; sometimes the woman exploits the man, leading him to buy her a house and maybe a car in her name (it’s hard for foreigners to take title to things here), and then she simply kicks him out, or worse, especially if he has made her the beneficiary of some life insurance.

It’s very easy to understand. Take my cleaning lady, for instance. She has a very pretty face and a great smile, beautiful hair and skin, and an impossibly wonderful, full little figure. She’s a good woman too, a Christian, no fooling around, no doubt clean as a whistle. She has a very sunny personality. She is also devoid of education, completely unsophisticated, easily confused, let’s say, and poor as a church mouse. She is, in fact, a church mouse, she lives on the charity of her church, on the premises of the church, repaying the kindness by performing maintenance tasks.

She is so hot that in spite of my age-depleted hormones she makes every molecule of my body scream on an individual basis and be drawn to her. She is more than attractive enough to cause many men to lose some of their natural caution and look for ways to rationalize an inappropriate union. A union that would end badly.

Although I can be quite stupid in many ways, I seem to understand this one. But it happens every day, and it’s easy to see how a guy could fall in love with one of these women.


Anonymous said...

Well, you've had 40 years of the Westernized left-brained liberal college-educated pseudo-intellectual women's libber birkenstock and granny-glass wearing local talent from the Point. Look how that worked out. Now, maybe it's time for "something completely different" as they say in Monty Python... (as if any hotty would go for an old fart like you!)

fred c said...

My fans! They love me!

Don't forget, over here I have a high status job; I am tall; I have good teeth (none visably absent); I am rich; and I am more considerate than the average bear.

So why don't I get more play?