Monday, June 15, 2009

Norm McDonald Is Funny

God help me, and I hope to God that It will, because I think Norm McDonald is funny. Last week he was on Conan, and he said, liberally paraphrased:

Oh, me and Andy Richter go way back, we came out to Hollywood about the same time. I had a job, bussing tables down at the (Coffee Shop). So one day he says to me that he found this great new way to make money, he’s going to be a male prostitute. I said, are you sure? You’re not even gay. He told me, don’t worry, it’s a great way to make money.

The next day he comes in to the (Coffee Shop), and says, hey! I had a great night! Let me buy you breakfast! I said, what if I want steak and eggs? That’s expensive. He says, no problem! I’ve got plenty of money! Last night I made four-hundred and fifty-one dollars and fifty cents.

I thought about it and finally asked him, who gave you fifty cents?

“All of them.”

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Vince said...

Norm McDonald calls into the Dennis Miller radio show quite a bit. For a while, he used to call in every week. He's a funny dude.