Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mr. Fred, Oh! The Lucky One

I always feel like I've been lucky, consistantly lucky over the years. Two unlikely things that I have wished for have actually come true.

I used to ride my bike past Pepperdine in Malibu once a week on my way to risking my life in the canyons. It was so beautiful. I had one in a seemingly endless series of shit jobs at the time, and I thought, wouldn't it be great to have a few years to do nothing but study here? Five years later I got into the law school, and it was as great a three years as I had thought.

In Thailand, Bangkok, my favorite hotel is the Suwan Dusit Palace, or Place, it calls itself either one seemingly without pattern. It's on the campus of Ratchapat University and it is run by students of their hospitality industry programs, so it's great and cheap. Walking on the campus I always thought, wouldn't it be great to teach at a Thai university, all these fabulous co-eds in the tight black skirts and white blouses. So now I teach at Ramkhamhaeng and I can tell you, the co-eds are breathtaking.

Oh, and I was lucky in my marriage too.


Anonymous said...

Since I know you enjoy being precise in your writing I believe the last line of this entry should be I am lucky in my marriage. Three weeks till our 39th wedding anniversary! Love, Ann

Anonymous said...

I know some long-married couples become little more than roomates, but jeez, you guys don't even share the same hemisphere, never mind a room.

fred c said...

The preferred euphamism is "modern solution," although sometimes it feels more like a "final solution."