Sunday, July 13, 2008

Comment on a Comment Elsewhere

David Ehrenstein, see supra, has been excoriated in the blog-o-sphere for a comment he made on Crooks & The comment was about the Supremes decision to back hand-gun ownership rights in Washington D.C.

"If you see Justice Scalia anywhere near your house, shoot the motherfucker."

I tried to leave a comment, but as easy as that seems for other people I always have trouble. My comment on David's comment is:

1. That's not a threat, it's a rhetorical irony or something like that; and

2. That's not a comment a Liberal would make; the sentiment is Radical. Liberals and Conservatives prefer incremental change, and we can all see that that has gotten us nowhere.


Anonymous said...

Isn't communication between humans hard enough? (per your entry on thai fatigue) Do we need the further obfuscation from the bullshit of poetry?

fred c said...

How about poetry about cool machines? See poem, July 22.