Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Lucky Day

My lucky day, I came across a little stand that had lots of good ‘Zill Man movies, two bucks or so each. Even had Frankenstein vs. Baragon, boy, try to find that anywhere (watch for the review in a couple of days). They’re letterboxed DVD’s with the Japanese soundtrack available, thanks a lot! I’ve heard very, very few of the original Japanese language soundtracks, where you can actually hear the acting.

Typically imprecise, the pictures on the cover gave little idea what was actually in the box labeled, “Ghidorah, the Three Headed Monster.” It looked late from the pictures, like after the name had been changed to “Ghidorah.” It turned out to be the great, “Ghidra: the Three Headed Monster,” mid-sixties, with the hypnotically fabulous Akiko Wakabayashi, plus Yuriko Hoshi for good measure, I’d rather look at them dressed than your girlfriend naked, Takashi Shimura playing a scientist, no surprise there, take your pleasures where you find them.

Icing on the cake: “War of the Worlds,” with the great Tom Cruise, for one dollar! I don’t care if he is a pseudo-scientonomist asshole, the man is entertaining, I love that movie, on a VCD in English, no less, which is like the loaves and fishes, or raising Lazarus from the dead, a fucking miracle.

Plus I sat down for lunch and was called over by a guy I’ve met, a Chinese gentleman who worked for Reuters for years and now serves as a media advisor for the actual prime minister, speaks perfect English, suggested that I aspire to an unmanned post, Media Law expert, there being none around that he can find, he’s been looking, me being a professor and all, he’s a grad-student here, law but not there yet, who knows, I could go nationwide.

I’ll tell you, I am big and strong in the little pond, and it’s quite an adventure.

Oh, and I got paid too, not my salary, they’re up to owing me about 120,000 Baht, which is half of a nice car, but they paid me for teaching in the stix last week, and paid me good too. I like this job.

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