Monday, August 6, 2007

Mr. C's Poetry Corner

I heard a pair of rumors the other day, rumors such that if I repeated them here straight out and was discovered I would at least be deported and perhaps even jailed for a time. So I'll resort to poetry. Think of Thailand, and read between the lines.

The Rumors

A rumor may come at home or at work,
True or false you can’t be sure;
But oft’ come falsehoods with the quirk,
A truth within may make it pure.

A rumor may express a hope
For something dearly longed to be;
Or terror mask for what you know,
You hope dear god never to see.

Some rumors bring news of a brute,
Well hated and to soon depart;
While others strangely speak of fruit,
That ripens in some purer heart.

We hope for one but do not dare,
Consider what we could not bear.

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