Sunday, March 31, 2019

The Beatles vs. There Will Never Be Another You

Music by Harry Warren; lyrics by Mack Gordon. This song first appeared in the 20th Century Fox musical (movie) "Iceland," staring Sonja Henie, in 1942. 

The shining star here is the melody. Listen to it soar! This melody is an amazing, angelic thing. It creates not only musical magic, but also an interesting mood for the emotional content of the song. The melody is exuberant, it's wings are carried along by positive emotion. And yet, the singer is feigning sadness. It's so terrible! This is our last chance together! More like the aggressive last pass of a wolf than the true ennui of a soon to be lost love. "I'll be back, but you won't be here, oh well, let's go upstairs!"  It's a wonderful song in many ways. 

And if the Beatles ever packed one of their songs with a better melody, I must have missed it. 

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