Friday, December 14, 2018

P.P. Arnold: The first cut is the deepest

This is a great song with a great history. Written by Cat Stevens, it went on to become a hit on five separate occasions. This version by P.P. Arnold was the first to chart. 

I prefer never to say that any particular version, or guitar player, or band, is the "best." Those things are very subjective. I might offer that something is my preference among the choices that I am familiar with, but that's as far as I usually go. Here I will simply say that this version by Ms. Arnold is great, or even Great, or even GREAT. 

P.P. Arnold, ne Patricia Cole, is still alive, and probably still working. She's only a matter of months older than me, and I think most of us are still working these days. Congratulations dad and grandpa! You both got to retire! Even my great-grandfather got to retire; he had some savings in the days before Social Security. Pat Cole and I, my generation, we're all on the work until six weeks after you die program. (Got to make sure that funeral is paid for!) 

Fascinating stories, both of P.P. Arnold and of the song. You can look them up. 

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