Thursday, December 6, 2018

Pat Hare I'm Gonna Murder My Baby (1954)

Get on over to the Google and read about Pat Hare. Auburn "Pat" Hare, really. The story is as overdriven as the guitar in this cut. 

Pat only lived fifty years, and sixteen of those were behind bars for, wait for it, murdering his girlfriend (and, for good luck, a policeman who came to investigate). Some people just can't handle their alcohol. 

I'd never heard of him, but he had quite a career before he took up intentional homicide. He was the guy in Little Juniors Blue Flames, and made other noteworthy contributions to the guitaristic arts. His prison band was called Sounds Incarcerated, how cool is that? He died there, at age fifty. Sounds like a real live-wire, doesn't he? 

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