Monday, September 10, 2018

Jeff Beck- Goodbye Pork Pie (Hat Brush With The Blues) (Live performance...

Having proven that I still listen to new music and find much that is very original to be entertained and amazed by, I present to you, Jeff Beck. 

Many guitar players have a lick that other talented players find difficult to duplicate, and some will throw one out there that just plum confuses other guitar players. How did he do that? That zone of confusion for other players is where Jeff lives. 

Here's six minutes of live playing, up close and personal, that leaves me slack-jawed except for the frequent outbursts of laughter. Not a lot of effects here, and he's never pushing pedals. He only touches the amp briefly in the beginning. After that it's all in his hands, the wammy bar, and the volume knob. Maybe the tone knob, I couldn't catch that. Did he touch the pickup selector switch?  I didn't notice. Whatever. This is all Jeff's hands, the wammy bar, and the volume knob. 

Jeff might be the only guitar player working today who stands alone being able to play his own brand of totally original music. Jeff Beck music. I doubt if there's anyone else at all who could duplicate this style. All this time he's been entertaining us, and he's still brash, surprising, always playful, rough and sweet, jagged and super-smooth, and always unpredictable. 

God bless him. He's a treasure. 

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