Thursday, August 9, 2018

Almost Missed It!

I've been keeping a careful eye on my e-mail for a couple of weeks. The hotel that I stayed at in Indo wants to send me “invoices” or something. That's another story. They sent me an SMS message of all things. Who sends those?

You probably don't realize it, but Hotmail has gotten even more inconvenient since the major update about a year ago. You are probably using g-mail, unless you happen to be an older person like me. We are creatures of habit, we oldsters. I'm dancing with the one I brung, even if it is a pretty lame platform.

They now divide your e-mails into three categories. There's junk mail, of course, but now the non-junk mail is prioritized by mysterious algorithms into two categories, what are they, Focused and Casual? Something like that. If it looks important, they put it in Focused; if not, they put it in Casual, or whatever it is. I had been in the habit of checking the Casual every few days, but it's only since I've been looking for this e-mail from the hotel that I'm checking the junk mail.

And what a lucky break! I almost missed a fabulous opportunity! Junk mail my ass, this thing was important! I was personally contacted by a Emirati gentleman named Sifri Khaled, who is the Chief Economic Officer of the Emirates Investment Bank in the UAE. It looks like a great chance to make some extra money for my, what do we call it these days? Not retirement, that ship has sailed. Ninety percent of us are on the work till we die and scramble frantically for extra cash along the way program.

Wish me luck anyway, but don't worry. I won't be responding to Mr. Khaled's e-mail. I wouldn't work for anybody who would hire me for that kind of law work at this point. They obviously don't know what they're doing.

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