Monday, July 23, 2018

CNN Is Complicit, While America Burns

It was my dubious pleasure to watch CNN for six days in mid-July at a nice hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia. It was a shocking display of pure cooperation with the cabal that is now in the final stages of taking complete control of all of the levers of power in what we call the “American Experiment.” It was sickening to see.

In that one week, the Justice Department indicted twelve Russian government officials in connection with efforts to hack into and influence the 2016 elections. Trump torpedoed NATO at a high level meeting, saying, inter alia, that it was actually Germany that was in Russia's pocket (because of a deal to buy Russian natural gas). Trump went to England, where his first official act was to torpedo Prime Minister Teresa May with vague criticisms regarding Brexit and immigration. He gratuitously torpedoed the Mayor of London almost in passing, accusing him of weakness that had caused terror attacks in London, and taking the occasion to expand on his remarks about immigration destroying European culture.* Next stop: a PRIVATE one on one meeting with Vladimir Putin, “unrecorded.” (What a Rube!) Nothing suspicious about that. We know by now how it turned out.

CNN is discussing all of this as though it were all very normal. All of the newsies and politicians and pundits talk about Trump as though he were a more-or-less normal human being with policies and political goals that may seem a bit off-center, but are actual real-life political strategies nonetheless, just like those of any other president, because, like, they must be, mustn't they? How could they be otherwise? That would be crazy! Occasionally someone goes off-script and reminds us that yes, Trumps behavior and actions are crazy, and they are way outside of the established norms and doctrines of American government and jurisprudence. In reality, of course, he and his weirdly unqualified minions are helping the Republicans and their principals to shred the Constitution and create a Brave New World of money and privilege, a new aristocracy of billionaire legacies, with a destitute, debt-ridden population to serve them. Finishing, as it were, the work that was begun in earnest back in the 1970s, with good old Ronnie Reagan as the first stooge in chief.

Meanwhile, back on CNN, Chris Cuomo is talking to Roger Stone, and taking him seriously, giving him all of the air-time that he needs to make all of his talking points about the greatness of Trump, the terrible danger of an out of control intelligence apparatus, and the evils of Hillary Clinton. It seems that there is always some clampdown flunky on camera saying that there is no problem, no collusion, and that Trump is saving America and returning it to the real Americans.

This is all a recipe for disaster.

Who is this Trump character anyway? Why are people suddenly taking him seriously? We've all known for forty-plus years that he is an untalented, spoiled rich kid who shoots his mouth off indiscriminately and leaves behind him only the wreckage of failed businesses and marriages. He's on his third marriage, with five children by three women, that we know about. He, himself, has always made sure that we know that he's getting more ass than a toilet seat, inside and outside of his marriages. If you asked people about him in the year 2000, almost everyone in every nook and cranny of the United States would have said, “what a jerk-off.”

He never stops talking about how rich his is, and what a financial genius he is, when the real fact of it is that if he had simply taken all of that money that he got from his father and invested it, leaving it to grow on its own without his interference, it would be a greater fortune today. He has only managed to lose money at that as well.

Now, all of a sudden, people who certainly DO know better are normalizing Trump, and people who SHOULD know better are voting for him, and people who obviously DON'T know any better are cheering him on. It's disquieting.

The man himself loves every minute of it. All of the chaos, the attention. One morning I watched him, on CNN, playing golf in Scotland, at a course that he owns. He was being trailed by about fifteen golf carts full of what, security? Were there reporters in there somewhere? Security from multiple countries and political entities? Fifteen carts is not an exaggeration, it was grid lock out there, and they were all watching him hit the little white ball. And of course he was billing everyone in sight, he made a fortune that day. He must have been in heaven.

We have Fox News on one side, and they are 100% “fake news; no collusion; Hillary is the crook; the missing server! Bengazi!” That's 24/7, because this is cable. And then we have CNN, which is the same kind of crap at least half of the time, to be, you know, fair. (I will leave the field clear for others to clarify what is going on with the other sources of so-called news in America. The MSNBCs, etc. As far as I can see in my limited observation, the only outlet approaching objectivity and delivering actual news about what is happening around the world is Al Jezeera. Yeah, I just said that! Go and watch some if you think that I'm wrong!)

The Democrats! Let's see what that crop of misguided losers can come up with in November. So far all I see is the “establishment Democrats” desperately fighting off the real democrats (the hated progressives). The Democrats laugh off as Utopian every good idea that rears its head, all of the things that would actually help a working man or a young family, preferring the occasional half measure, like raising the minimum wage, yeah, raising it from hopelessly low to merely very, very low. Jesus wept. Those people were once good for something. 

My advice to young people today is to figure out a way to make your own way into the market place. Figure out a way to sell a product or a service to the super-rich at wildly inflated prices. They have the money, go for it! I saw a guy on TV recently who did children's parties on private planes. Those rich assholes are now prepared to pay good money to avoid having to interact with their own children, the mostly neglected, maladjusted children that will grow up and become your billionaire bosses, and your landlords. The airborne party that was filmed for TV news was a very nice coast-to-coast affair, with a bunch of kids. There were balloon animals, and party hats with feathers, and I'm sure the affair was catered. The clown's bill to the parents was, I think, $85,000. Get into a scam, I mean business, like that, boys and girls. Whatever you do, don't borrow money for college! That's a Venus Flytrap of debt slavery right there. If you completely lack the entrepreneurial spirit, there's always crime.

And good luck! Get it while you can, 'cause it ain't gonna last.

*The Mayor of London was later interviewed for CNN by Christine Amanpour, who seems more independent minded than her co-workers at CNN, much to her credit. The mayor listed all of the other European cities that have been the victims of fatal terror attacks, with death counts, and wondered out loud why HE ALONE was singled out by The Great And Powerful Trump for criticism. Standing there on camera, the reason was obvious. The mayor is of Pakistani heritage.

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