Friday, June 8, 2018

Anthony Bourdain's Ambuscade

America is just gearing up for another day. Which day? Friday, right? We're just putting Friday to bed over here. Greetings from the future! When I fire up the burner in the morning I'm really checking to see if there were any significant deaths overnight. Maybe somebody shot the pope or something, it's happened before. Maybe someone had a fatal heart attack. Today you're waking up and saying via con Dios to Anthony Bourdain. Surprise! Didn't see that one coming. RIP, Anthony. You had some style, you.

The New York Times, with great topical awareness and faux sensitivity, put a couple of notices under the death article. One about if you are suicidal, please call this hot-line number, and another about if you know anyone who you believe is at risk for Selbstmord, please urge them to seek help. Thanks for the thought, newspaper of record, but it's more often a surprise. A surprise to family and friends, and often a surprise for the celebrant as well. We never know, really. Maybe tomorrow it occurs to us at about two p.m. that this is the last day that we can stand, we just can't do this anymore, not one more day. And of course, for the benefit of those looking on, those at risk of suicide are doing their level best to keep those feelings a secret, for too many reasons to count.

Get down off of that soap-box, Mr. Fred. I'm sorry about Mr. Bourdain. My condolences to the family and friends.

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