Monday, May 14, 2018

Google's Search Algorithms

. . . are strange. I just word-searched "fred ceely blog," just to see if people could find it that way.

The answer is: yes, people can find it that way. The strange part was the photos under "Images Fred Ceely Blog." There were a lot of them, but it was hard to find any connection. There was one photo of someone who was in the Peace Corps with me, the same volunteer group in Thailand. I know him pretty well, the group trained together and was always doing things together. There was one photo of a man that I don't know at all but who looked suspiciously like I did in my early forties, complete with goatee. There were photos of civil rights events in the 1960s, which I suppose could be included because I write about race relations sometimes. I suppose. Other than that, I'm really not sure what the algorithm was thinking. They do think, don't they?

But people can find the blog. That's good.

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