Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Mr. Fred's Poetry Corner: Biography, Part II

Frederick Ceely (1948- )
Biography, Part II

Freddy never liked it
when retards got pushed around,
just for being retarded,
they couldn’t help it.
Fred would interpose himself,
between the tormentors
and the ungrateful retard,
and require the boys
to push him around too,
if they wanted to try it,
and sometimes they did. 
Fred had a good arm,
and could throw a baseball
as far as anyone in town.
He could hit
as good as many boys. 
He was an okay fielder,
but too slow for the infield,
and his poor eyesight
made him a dubious benefit
in the outfield. 
He was far too high strung to pitch. 

Up until the age of six or so,
Fred had great success
fighting the other boys.
By then his contemplative mood
had begun to manifest itself,
and his fighting efforts,
now exclusively self-defensive,
suffered from existential conflict
about the need for such things.

During the seventh grade
Fred gave up his place
in the real world, the world
of crazy nuns and parents,
of nuclear voodoo
cold-war bullshit,
of the obnoxious New York Yankees,
of bullies and unreliable friends,
moving his things to
the parallel universe of dreams,
with frequent trips to libraries
and museums, fuel for dreams. 
Ceely admits to
knowing nothing at all
about:  women; money;
why people drive the way they do;
success; friendship;
the Chinese; business;
truth; or himself. 

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