Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Leslie Odom Jr - Forever Young, Obama White House

Sharing this to my Facebook page would be unnecessarily cruel, because many of my friends there would be mortally offended by my sentiments on the matter, which are these:

There are those among us today who will find much to be terribly wrong with this video. Many of the American people have returned to the belief that America is a white, Christian nation, and they still bristle at the idea that for eight years Barack Husein Obama was the President of the United States, and that Michelle Obama was the First Lady, and that they lived in the White House, and represented America around the world, and that they were allowed to fill such events as this with negro entertainment. They find all of this to be an invasion of the natural order of things, a horrible anomaly in the history of our great country.

They are so far gone in this delusion that they believe that Donald Trump is a return to decency and normality. Donald, a gangster in all by name, a gangster in everything from the company that he has always kept to the methods that he has always employed, Donald, a crass, morally and often financially bankrupt man, without an ounce of grace, devoid of any sense of humor, and poor Melania, wife number three, about whom it hurts me to say anything uncharitable, so I'll just call her a trophy-wife where there obviously is no real relationship.

But those people who hated Obama so much just because he is black now are so full of joy and relief just because Donald and Melania are white. They would find a lot to complain about in the presentation, too. It's on BET, for one thing, and the blackness of the singer would put a sneer on their faces as well. And look at the smugness of Obama and Moochelle! Why, it's disgraceful!

When actually, this video is pure sweetness and light! Barack and Michelle were a dream of grace and decency and style in the White House. They were the first normal family to occupy the position since Jimmy Carter's administration.  Leslie Odom, Jr. is one of the very best singers working today, and this song is another home-run, out of the park, way out in the parking lot, which is just another day at the office for Mr. Odom. It's all beautiful.

In the end, it was President Obama's decency that allowed Trump to prevail in the election. There was plenty of reason to block Trump's nomination, and plenty of solid information about disqualifying acts and facts. But Obama, and Hillary, and the Democrats, and the FBI, and the CIA, were loath to interfere in an election, and besides, no one thought that Trump would win anyway! Why raise a hue and cry and cast doubt on our very system of government for nothing! The chump will lose, of course! Now we are stuck with the chump. I'm a fairly decent man myself, but I would have done things a lot differently. I would at least have torpedoed Trump's campaign. And one never knows what will happen in this life. People's private planes crash every day.

So, no Facebook for this one. My Facebook-Trump-Fan-Friends are safe, for today. I've known some of them since we were children, and I know them to be intelligent and decent, at least in every way not related to politics or Trump. It's a source of amazement for me, but what is one to do? It's a crazy world.

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