Thursday, April 12, 2018

Afrirampo - Afrirampo

Afrirampo is one of those bands that I need to be reminded of every couple of years. Why, you say?

I like bands with two members, playing guitar and drums. I like Japanese noise-rock bands. I like bands who courageously disregard commercial considerations. I like Asian women. So, Afrirampo, what's not to like?

People say that western men like Asian women because the women are submissive. Anybody who actually knows a lot of Asian women will tell you that that is a ridiculous idea, a complete non-starter. Here's what they have over the average western woman:

1. They are appreciative. They notice and appreciate any small acts of consideration or kindness that you may offer them;

2. They are fair-minded, and more likely to accept cooperative relationships (rather than insisting on being the boss); and

3. They tend to be more uninhibited (as long as they come from one of the countries that are undamaged by contact with Psychiatry or Christianity).

Like Afrirampo, for instance. I'm sure that they appreciate favorable comments. They seem to have a very democratic arrangement between them; they share the spotlight. And they certainly are uninhibited.

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