Monday, February 12, 2018

Bishop Bullwinkle Hell To Da Naw,Naw,Naw With Da Bicycle

Small town America, you may have noticed, is filled up with churches like the oceans are filled with salt water. My sister lived for twenty years in a small desert town in New Mexico. The whole town hardly had two nickels to rub together, but one thing they had was churches. More like fifty things that they had were churches. It's pretty much that way most places that I've been. 

Just about all of these churches are money making enterprises, and they do very well at it. Check out that Joel Osteen's house sometime, it's a pip. I doubt if most of them do anyone any good at all. Homeless people? Hell no! We just got new carpets up in here. The odds, though, are that some of those little churches do some good in communities where less than prosperous people predominate. 

I like this Bishop Bullwinkle fellow. At least he's got a good band, and I'll bet that services at his church are as entertaining as all get out. The man has charisma, and the bicycle is a nice touch, don't you think? With that giant coffee cup on the handlebars, is that a coffee cup? Maybe it's for donations. Oooops! There goes my cynical streak again. I can hardly keep that thing down. 

At least the good bishop is giving value for dollar. An hour or so interspersed with some good tunes would be worth a couple of bucks in the basket. Say Amen, somebody! Visit that Osteen guy's church, which looks like Madison Square Garden, and all you get is shitty music and religion that is a fake as his smile. Old Bishop Bullwinkle's heart might actually be within hailing distance of the right place. Stranger things have happened.

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