Sunday, January 7, 2018

Tiramisu Oreo Thins

These are an issue of first impression for me. I found them in my local Family Mart. (A nice chain of convenience stores in Thailand. Local company. Business model and appearance identical to 7-11.) I haven’t tasted them yet. Perhaps I should leave a comment after I’ve tasted them.

I almost never buy cookies, or donuts, or cake. Nobody has to buy them, actually, because they are thrust upon one so frequently in daily life. There’s always somebody handing you a piece of a birthday cake, or a wedding cake, or there’s a holiday or something, or you show up somewhere and there’s a box of donuts, girl scouts are selling their own cookies this month. My sugary vice of choice is ice cream, and it would be wrong if I were to buy any sweets beyond that. Well, maybe the odd piece of chocolate.

Part of the reason that I purchased a box was that I liked the packaging. Isn’t it attractive?  I paid about a dollar for this box, and it was worth it just for the two photographs of the package.

Can you get these in America? Oreo Thins, and Tiramisu, yet. These are “Product of China,” “Manufactured Under License” from the Mondelez International Corporation in the Philippines. The product and allergen information is given in Thai and in English, and there are addresses for distributors in Singapore, Hong Kong, Brunei, Malaysia, and the Philippines. All of that is printed right on the box; there are no stickers covering different information. There is no mention of Nabisco, or any other remotely American sounding entity.

What a wonderfully international new product! And slightly mysterious, too. Is it an ongoing case of trademark infringement? Because I’m pretty sure that the rights to a cookie named “Oreos” are firmly in hand somewhere in the United States. This is Asia, however, and trademark and copyright can be nebulous things over here. Some days I think that I should open a hamburger restaurant called, “MacDonald’s.” Excuse me while I go to the Seven-Elephants store on the corner to buy some milk to go with my Oreo Thins. 

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fred c said...

Hold the presses! Nabisco is now a division of Mondelez International! They can do whatever they want to with Oreos. To be honest, there are a wild profusion of Oreo Cookies in Asia, and probably elsewhere. A particularly weird and weirdly successful temporary flavor was "Ice Cream Flavored Oreos." I don't know about "Ice Cream Flavor," but they were a smooth, sugary explosion of flavor, that's for sure.