Friday, January 19, 2018

One Remarkable Mashup Of The Banal And The Phantasmagorical

(I guess you'll need to copy and paste the link, because I'm too lazy to figure out how to make it appear as a clickable link. Sorry!)

Some sonic genius out there realized that H.P. Lovecraft's poem, "Nemesis," fit directly into the rhythm and rhyme scheme of Billy Joel's song, "Piano Man." By what process, in what order, and what drugs were involved, I have no idea.

There are a couple of versions around. I listened to the ones that were in the post that I read on the H.P. Lovecraft appreciation Facebook page. This one is by far the most musical and listenable.

The poem features the overheated doom imagery that is typical for Lovecraft's poetry, and to hear it casually, almost cheerfully, draped into the "Piano Man" is cognitively dissonant, to put it mildly.

Another anti-hit brought to you by Mr. Fred! My life is service.

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