Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Magic Sam - Sweet Home Chicago (Good Quality)

Sam plays it like he sings it, nice and easy. It's two years since the last Sam sighting on this blog, so it must be Magic Sam time again.

It always seems that Sam floated through his life nice and easy, just like he played and sang. Doesn't seem like he was much of a worrier. You can tell me what time you hope I show up; you can tell your daughter not to see me anymore; you can tell me the rent's due, again; you can tell the bartender to quit giving me free drinks; you can tell me to give you back that guitar I borrowed. You can tell me whatever you want to. We'll see what happens.

Samuel Gene Maghett, born on Valentine's Day, 1937, way down river in Mississippi. Moved up to Chicago at 19 and had his first hit a year later in 1957, "All Your Love." Seems like he arrived in Chicago with his whole style all in one place already. Had himself a fatal heart attack on December 1, 1969. Wiki says he was 32, but wouldn't that make him 33 years old? Like Jesus? No, he was a couple of months shy. My math has never been strong.

Magic Sam has never disappointed me. Thanks, Sam.

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