Monday, January 1, 2018

Joe Cocker - The Letter

Joe Cocker was a "wait . . . what?" moment for pop music. His couple of studio albums are all very good, and highly entertaining. This band was the icing on the cake. An All-Star lineup with the proper attitude. They stayed together long enough, and worked hard enough, to make some real musical history.

Joe Cocker! He was one of those singers who put the lie to the entire "American Idol" model of pop stardom. Many times, while watching "Idol," I'd be sitting there, cruising a nice cocktail, I was still drinking then, and I enjoyed imagining Chet Baker, or Joe Cocker, auditioning for American Idol. Oh, no honey, good luck but you ain't got what we're looking for. No, all you've got is sincerity and commitment to the musical idea. Next!

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