Thursday, December 28, 2017

The Kinks - So Mystifying

The Kinks released what seemed like a lot of LPs in 1964, '65, and '66. I bought them all, and I loved them. Little gems like this were typical.

The Kinks, and other bands, were still on the fun program during this time. They weren't selling a lot of records; they were doing a lot of shows but for little money; and they certainly were not getting rich. For those few years, however, the guys didn't seem to care too much. They were having fun, they were being treated like the cool kids that they were; and the girls were plentiful and very pretty. It was only in 1967 and after that a lot of bands lost their way in an increasingly desperate struggle to make a living. The fun part of the music began to suffer at some point.

But we'll always have this early stuff to remind us what rock and roll is all about. Young mostly men living out of suitcases and having way too much fun, stopping off at a recording studio occasionally to knock out a few new recordings based on their live sets. Attention Millennials! There's a lot of music here that you might enjoy.

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