Saturday, December 23, 2017

Georgie Fame and The Blue Flames - "Yeh Yeh" - Ready, Steady, Go!

Long time, no Georgie Fame. He appeared on Ready, Steady, Go! in 1964, but this record became a hit in January, 1965, so I can't pin down the date on this video. Around there somewhere. But I'm no perfectionist, so that's close enough for me.

Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames! About a year before "Jimmy James and the Blue Flames." Jimi Hendrix must have been aware of Georgie Fame, so I don't know how that came about. Maybe Jimi was paying tribute to this band. Georgie's got a nice band here, nothing too flashy. They're tight, they're pros, they deliver the musical ideas. I like the inclusion of a conga player, that was still a rare touch in this time frame. Not a beat group, not a rave idol, too jazzy for the rock crowd, and too rock for the real jazzbeaus. R&B maybe? I guess he was just out on his own somewhere, and it still sounds like a good place to be.

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