Friday, November 24, 2017

Negativity Alert!

I make a great effort to delete the negativity from this blog as much as possible. I do this because: 1) it is a public service to the community; and 2) it assists me in steering my internal dialog in more positive directions. Frequently, however, negativity forces its way into our daily lives. When this happens, it may bleed over into Spin Easy Time! I apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause to anyone’s peace of mind.

I am posting this notice now because the holidays have arrived, and I am one of those people on whom the holidays have a pronounced negative effect on mood. This is especially true in light of the shocking events of the last few years, not only in world affairs, but also in my personal life. I may suddenly become morose and/or unreasonable, attack the character of certain people in public office (or out of it), post sad songs with cryptic analyses, or just resort to bitching at the air or the trees about anything or nothing.

I’ll try to keep a lid on it, but don’t be worried if things go south occasionally. I’ll be fine in six weeks or so.

Please do not alert the authorities, as I do not represent a present danger to myself or others.

Happy Holidays! 

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