Friday, October 20, 2017

Why Is Donald Trump President?

History’s chain of causation is often ambiguous or obscure, but let’s hold this thing up to the light.

Al Gore won the election of 2000, but it was stolen from him by unscrupulous men backed by a partisan political Supreme Court. Absent Ralph Nader it wouldn’t have been close enough to steal. If Al Gore had been sworn in as president, according to the law and the will of the American people, Donald J. Trump would never have become more than the ridiculous celebrity con-man that he was up to the first week in November, 2016. He would never have had the chance to become the ridiculous celebrity con-man president that he is today.  

With George W. Bush safely installed in the White House, all of the terrible dominoes started to fall. The pointless, ill-advised wars, the ridiculous and unnecessary tax cuts for the rich, the irresponsible fear mongering after 9-11, the extravagant recklessness of the banking community, the near fatal crashing of the American economy, and the world’s economy. With Al Gore in the White House, none of that happens, or at least nowhere near as dramatically.

If the aughts had been characterized by a reasonable foreign policy and a responsible fiscal policy, the election of 2008 would have been a relatively sedate affair. In that atmosphere, there would be no reason to reach so desperately for the change that Barack Obama represented. George W. set the stage for Obama. And no Obama, no Trump. Trump is the response of America’s irretrievably racist and bigoted majority to a black president. Yeah, I said it. It’s a “majority” because I’m including the people who would never talk about it in a million years. The hidden racists. The Trump voters, with a thousand excuses why they’re not racists at all, and a thousand reasonable lies for why they voted for Trump. Those racists, those bigots.

So I’m blaming the national tragedy that is Donald J. Trump on:

1.   The Supreme Court;
2.   Governor John Bush* et al;
3.   Ralph Nader; and
4.   Those fucking chads.

That’s in no particular order.

But that was then (W.), and this is now (Trump). And we’re stuck with it. If W. was an almost endearing, lazy-minded fool, Trump is a laughing hyena in a fat suit.

*I’m not calling that asshole “Jeb.” The man’s name is John Ellis Bush. You can look it up. He wants it kept a secret for some reason. In my experience, when people go by an alias, it’s usually because the police are after them for something. 


jomode said...

On the one hand you had a sociopathic career politician whose message to voters was 1) I’m not a Republican 2) First woman president 3) He grabs pussy. She didn’t play the issues, didn’t offer solutions, and didn’t even really try. That bitch had the audacity to expect your vote as a given. She couldn’t even draw crowds. Her numbers went down when she started to tour the country actually.

Then there was Trump. The metaphorical middle finger. He played the race card for sure. But here’s the thing, it wasn’t so much a fight against blacks & Hispanics. There’s a nouveau little man in the country. The white male. A universally despised individual. The white dude isn’t allowed to talk, think, or have an opinion anymore. He’s only allowed to feel bad about his privilege. His existence is the bottom of the modern day totem. That’s a horrible way to live. Oh & racist too.

Racism isn’t something that keeps me up at night. We have racists in this country, sure, but this is NOT a racist country. As a Mexican American I’m personally sick-to-fucking-death of hearing ANYONE play the race card. Get off your ass & get a job. Work hard, play it straight & you’ll get what you want. It’s not magic.


fred c said...

Hillary was a nightmare candidate. Even I don't like her, and I'm positively disposed to her, generally. I'm almost convinced that the Dem's have been intentionally tanking elections since the 1970s. Carter, Mondale, Dukakis, Clinton, Al Gore, Obama, Clinton. Come on. That's not a major political party being serious. I'll bet even they were surprised when Carter, Clinton and Obama won. Al Gore would have been a game-changer, though. That election was a straight up mugging, and the robbers broke the world.