Sunday, October 22, 2017

A Word On Behalf Of The Sufferers

The events of the last two years have been truly horrifying to anyone who has been paying the least attention. There have been multiple existential threats to human decency, common sense, and the American way of life. We have seen a nightmare coup d’├ętat by corporate interests and the super-rich; the explosive backlash of racism, bigotry, and intolerance that resulted from the election (twice!) of a black president; a weird, underreported inflation in basic necessities of life like rent, medical services, and education; a world, from England to the Philippines, from Venezuela to Zimbabwe to Kazakhstan, that seems to have gone collectively insane; the general decline of everything from knowledge, to ethics, to common sense; it’s enough to make a sensitive person shit blood.

“Sensitive” individuals, who were once referred to as “the nervous type,” you know what I mean, the unfortunates who suffer from those ambiguous and invisible maladies known to modern medical science as depression and anxiety. Maladies indeed to the sufferers, but usually regarded by family members, bosses, and insurance companies as the self-indulgence of lazy minded fools.
To those of us whose souls have been burning already since time immemorial, all of these new depredations are that much more gasoline thrown onto the fires. Many of us are ready to start screaming. I have friends on Facebook who are contemplating suicide. This has all long since ceased to be funny.

Please don’t worry on my account. My own symptomology is under control, so far. I limit my suicidal ideation to the making of lists of possible future circumstances under which such a thing could become part of a sensible plan. Just please bear in mind, these new stressors, daily and powerful, are serving to supercharge the problems faced by people with long term depression, they are exacerbating many people’s already considerable anxieties. Perhaps you know someone. Perhaps you could do something to make their lives more endurable. Think about it.

At least, try not to make matters worse. Do you think that you could at least do that? Perhaps, for a start, if you are of voting age and not a convicted felon, perhaps you could fucking vote next year, could you do that? And maybe you could even NOT VOTE FOR THIS CREW OF PIRATES WHO ARE TURNING THE ENTIRE COUNTRY OVER TO CORPORATE INTERESTS EVEN AS WE SPEAK. (Sorry for the all-caps, but yes, I was angrily yelling that bit.)

I’m really sorry to bother you; maybe I should just erase the above paragraph and start over. Who am I kidding? There is no reason at this point to place any confidence at all in the American voter, absolutely zero. That’s all we have to fight back with, the vote, and no one cares a nice, ripe fig. Voter turnout may go up a small tick next year, but it’ll be the same sad story. People will vote for candidates who promise to protect them against those vicious Mexicans, and keep out those terrorist refugees, and get rid of those dangerous sanctuary cities, and get rid of all of that pesky government regulation that’s destroying all of the jobs, and bring down gas prices by increasing fracking and building new pipelines. Give the people what they want! Promise them the moon and stars! It works every time.

Why should next year be any different?  

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