Sunday, August 20, 2017

Foot Stomping by the Flares 1961

In hindsight, I really like these cuts that existed between the true Doo-Wop era and the true rock band era. The very early 1960s. The singing is very Doo-Wop, but the production is much glossier, enabling a much more fully developed band sound. They had a hell of a time recording drums at all in the mid- to the late 1950s. In some of those older records they literally put a microphone inside of a cardboard box and played the drum part on that. Contrast that with the resolution on the drums here. Very nice.

The Gold Standard of this period of Baroque Doo-Wop meets Nascent 60s Rock is "I Love You," by the Volumes. This right here is a very nice cut, though. At least I think so.

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