Thursday, August 31, 2017

Flatback Caper, Fairport Convention

This is from the LP pictured here, "Full House." I bought this album at the time, and I believe that most of my friends thought that I had gone mad.

But for the young rock and roller, what's not to like? The music is mostly very upbeat; the beats are all prominent, and bright; the players are all accurate and fluid; the entire proceeding is a big musical success, and wildly entertaining. Out of my usual genre at the time, surely, but somehow right up my alley.

If your wife objects to Nirvana at dinner time, or the Transplants, or even the Dandy Warhols, give this LP a try and see what she says. She might say, "what? did they change your meds?" Or then again, she might think that it was a very considerate choice. See what happens! It's an experiment.

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