Sunday, July 23, 2017

Mississippi John Hurt - The Ballad Of Stagger Lee

I love this song. There're a lot of versions, and the story changes quite a bit, but the song is really about a scene that was reality for a lot of people in a certain time and place.

Take a look at those two fellows at around the two minute mark of this video. They're probably not the best guitar players around, or the best singers, they might not know a lot of songs or how to play in every key, their clothes probably aren't the cleanest, and I'll bet that their shoes are more hole than sole, but they are the straightest, strongest young black men on the block, and those are the two coolest hats that I've ever seen, worn well, whether those hats smell too good or not.

Black, white, or Puerto Rican, when a strong, proud young man has nothing but a name, a dick, and a really cool hat, you will be messing with the hat at your peril. And be careful, too! You might just get what you asked for. That was the scene.

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