Wednesday, July 26, 2017

John Lennon - Imagine - Lyrics

Sure, I agree that the Beatles were a good band, very good. But I also maintain that they were, individually and as a group, the most overpraised individuals in the entire Twentieth Century.

Take "Imagine," for instance. This is the Public Relations John Lennon on display. The real John Lennon was a mean-spirited, wife-beating child-abandoner.

How are these for alternative lyrics?

Imaging there's no Lennon,
And no McCartney, too,
No Beatles' songs to worship,
No John's sarcasm, too,
Imagine all the people,
With nothing to do . . . wha-ah-oooh!

Imagine all the others,
The bands that you've forgot,
The Beatles got the money,
The others got it not,
Some did great work for decades,
But you don't give a snot . . . wha-ah-oooh!

The Beatles were a good band,
Brother, I was there,
But tell me why did they have to,
Suck up all of the air?

Sorry, I'm just in a bad mood today. Which makes another point. Lennon was in a bad mood most days, and his fans think that it's genius. When I'm in a bad mood, most people just think that it's retarded.


Anonymous said...

Ah, you hit on a debate I’ve had with friends since I was in high school! I grew up loving the Beatles (still do really). Perhaps it’s partly my age (58) and the fact I had three older sisters. I had one very good friend who agreed and one who didn’t. The one who didn’t reminds me of you quite a bit. He was the one who would rummage through record stores in Harvard and Central Squares and fine the coolest unheralded stuff. I miss him a lot. He, like you, thought the Beatles were very overrated. I agreed with him more and more as I got older. I still love the music but the band not so much. My biggest swing as I got older was with John. A very complicated person who could write “I didn’t’ mean to hurt you” and “Woman is the nigger of the world” and still be a pretty horrible person. I have a newer friend now who can’t stand them; I have some fun conversations with him. We both agree they’re pretty overhyped, and therefor overrated. They will always be a part of my childhood and therefore conger up memories. It’s not a coincidence that I have hundreds of songs on my iPad but only a few are Beatles songs. Many more are from your recommendations, or of links from them. Anyway, keep up the good work. I’m always listening.

fred c said...

The arguments in the old days were the best. I remember two guys at my high school arguing over who was better, the Beach Boys or the Dave Clark 5. They asked me to settle it, and I said, "that's an easy one. The Beach Boys are great and the Dave Clark 5 suck." That almost caused a fight. Looking back at my own group of friends, I wonder if the Beatles fans were dreaming of a nicer world, while the rest of us were trying to adjust to the world as it was. Something like that might have been reflecting in our musical preferences.